1. ‘I am Shibram Das, live at Mathura, 24 Parganas. West Bengal. I don’t have any relative to care of me. Even I don’t have any income source for my survival. Every day I struggle and ask some relatives to provide me food to eat. My villagers suggested me a lot to apply Old Age Pension. I have applied many times at office to provide me Old Age pension but was unsuccessful. There was a meeting going in my village through VDC members. I got inspiration from my friend and attended in it. In that village development meeting, I shared my problems with them, after hearing they initiated my work. Even members of VDC came with me to Govt. office to issue immediately my pension. I was so surprised by seeing that the officers were quickly considered and my work was done successfully. I started getting my Old Age pension after one month in a regular basis. I am so happy and thankful to VDC and The Muneer workers for helping me to get pension in time. Without them I couldn’t have succeeded. Whenever I meet VDC member they ask about me and encourage me.’


2. Aurobindo Barik
Sardobard, Purba Medinipur
West Bengal
‘It was a very shameful thing for me and my household to wake up in the early hours of morning and go to the nearby riverside to answer nature’s call. I am the only earning member in my family of 6 members and it was difficult for me to build a latrine for the family. What I earned was all spent in running the family expenses and I was unable to save any money. Once while attending a community meeting held by Muneer I became aware of the various Government Public schemes for the poor. I got in touch with CDW of our village and with her help and the VDC I applied for a latrine for my family. In a couple of weeks I was told that money was deposited into my bank account to build a latrine. The latrine was built in two weeks and now we use it instead of going to the riverside. I am grateful for the work Muneer is doing in our community and pray that they continue to help others.’


3. ‘My name is Ms. Sudha, have been staying at Sector-16, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. I have passed class 12th and have learnt Computer at Muneer’s Computer centre. I am so thankful to Muneer for providing Computer training and gave me job advocacy. Also they helped me get a job at Call Centre n our area through which I can earn Rs. 6000/- p.m. I am so happy by helping my family with my income each month. Now, my brother is studying Science subject at school. My uncle and aunt were saying to me that why you are spending time and money for his study. Now, my father feels proud for me that I am helping him financially.’


4. Bimal Ojha
Purba Medinipur, West Bengal
‘I have been living and a mud house with a thatched roof for more than 15 years with my family. We belong to the BPL category and are Schedule Tribes. Being uneducated I was unaware of the Government schemes for the poor. My life changed for the better when a Muneer CDW visited my house and spoke to me. I shared my hardship with her and she said she would visit me again the following week. When she came the next week she had a form with her and took all my details and filled it in the form. She told me to accompany her and Xerox some documents of mine and submitted at the Panchayet office. It was then that she told me that she had filled in an application for me to get housing under the Pradhan Mantri Abas Yojana. I waited for 2 months and then one day I was summoned to the Panchayet office where I was told that cash had been transferred to my bank account and I had to immediately start building my house. My joy knew no bounds, when I shared the news with my family they were so excited. I began construction immediately but the work got delayed due to the rains and hopefully my new house should be ready by November. My family and I are so thankful to Muneer for undertaking development work for the poor.’