1. ‘My name is Sweety. My father’s name is Mr. Dharamveer Singh. I live at Budh Nagar, Loni Ghaziadbad, Uttar Pradesh. Condition: When took admission at Grace Academy school, my family’s financial condition was not good. I was provided with lot of facilities from the school through which my primary education was completed. After finishing my primary and secondary education, I have done my Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) and at present I teach the students at Grace Academy where I studied. My family’s financial situation is now changed as I have started teaching at School. Indeed, Grace Academy School is more than a temple for me. Yes, from the bottom of my heart, I thank the school authority for making me stand in the society through which I could become financial resource for my family.’

2. ‘I am Sahiba, 13 years old and have been studying in class VII at Grace Academy, Alvi Nagar, Loni, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers. My elder sister is married already. My father is a rickshaw puller and his daily income is very low. So, it’s very difficult to maintain such a big family. By seeing my diligence in study, my father decided to take my school admission at Grace Academy located at my community. I enjoy my study and fond of learning computer at Grace Academy. Through my regular computer class I have learnt a lot and want to work as a computer teacher in future. Further, I would like to teach computer to the girls from my own Muslim community so that they will understand the need of computer science and machinery period. I like the teaching method and atmosphere of Grace Academy. It provides qualitative education and I am so thankful to its dedicated, qualified and experienced teaching staff. I feel proud to be student of Grace Academy School.’

3. Sahanawaz Shaan
Alvi Nagar, Loni, Ghaziabad
‘I am Sahanawaz Shaan. I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters. My father is a daily labourer & his monthly income is too low, so it was very difficult for him to maintain the family. Though it was very difficult to continue education; I still used to go to school. But, in 2004, I suffered with an infection on my right leg. Due to improper care and medication, it spread to the bones on my leg. Somehow, we could able to have a surgery but that let me handicapped. Because of this, I stopped going to school. I regretted leaving school but I had no means of going back to School because of our financial condition. But when I came across Muneer’s scholarship program for dropouts children like me. I was happy that I would now be able to continue my education. Then, I joined and completed my Secondary Examination in 2012. After that I got an opportunity to study Polytechnic in a College in Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh. After completion of my course, I got a job at Electrical Office, Loni, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. I am happy with the job and has become the income source for my family. I am thankful to The Muneer Social Welfare Society for enabling me to stand on my legs for a bright future.’

4. ‘My name is Sanobar Siddhiqui. In our family we are six brother and sisters and I am the youngest one. My father was mason and earned little money to main big family. So, our financial condition was very pathetic. Except me, my others brothers and sisters were going to a Govt. school which was 3-4 k.m. far from house. They were going to school because, they were getting fruits or meal each day to fill up their stomach also they were bring food from school and we all ate at our home. But my school admission was at Muneer Primary School which is near to my house. I was feeling so sad, because I had nothing to eat in year and sometime I was getting cake or toffee to eat. I studied over there up to 5th I also studied 6th- 12th standard from Govt. school in Delhi. I am so happy that I am a math teacher at Grace Academy school where I studied. All of my brothers and sisters have left further education but I am continuing my study. I have taken admission in Subramania Bharati College of Science and Technology, Holambi Khurd. I am doing my Philosophy degree. I hope to complete this course and will start a shop in my colony so that to earn money for my family as well as will help our youth to access to good health and qualitative education in my colony. I want to see my society developed in terms of education, sanitation, health facilities and transportation.’


5. Swastika Majhi
Haurburi, Kalindi, Purba Medinipur,
West Bengal
‘Swastika Majhi was born and brought up in a poor family. Her father is a daily laborer and physically ill and her mother is a house wife. She is the youngest in the family with two elder sisters and a brother. She was to lack of good health and hygiene before coming to the Muneer Child Development Centre project. Even she was not good in study too. Her father struggled a lot to provide food for the family, so there was no proper education and no money for medical treatment for family members. In 2005, one of her relatives informed her about Muneer Child Development Centre and she got opportunity to be admitted in center in which she got benefits of free tuition, clothes, hygienic care and medicine and food from MCDC project. Her deteriorating health improved and she grew up in good health. Even her father is doing well and physically fit to work daily for income of family. Swastika wants to be a teacher in future. She also participated in school and project Annual Programs. She scored ‘Grade-A’ marks in Higher Secondary Examination. After that she was graduated from a college of Vidya Sagar University in the Subject Physical Education. After graduation, she joined as a part time physical education teacher at Higher Secondary School at Kalindi, Purba Medinipur. Her family members are so pleased by her success. She is so thankful to The Muneer for helping her timely through MCDC project to stand economically in the society.


6. ‘Ms. Pooja was admitted at Muneer Children Home (MCH) by Child Welfare Committee (CWC). Pooja was 18 years old in 29th June 2016 and CWC set her free meaning she can’t stay at Muneer’s Children Home. So, she stays after care at home. Pooja was kept at a Home at Dwarka area but she couldn’t stay over there but came back again to Muneer Home at Patel Nagar, New Delhi. After coming to Muneer’s Home she wished to live a new life. With the help of Mrs. Shuvra Masih, Superintendent, she started working at a Day Care Centre for Old women. He monthly Income was Rs. 15,000/-. After working for few month, she desired to meet her family. Then the organization consulted with Pooja’s Investigation Officer, who only suggested to give counseling to Pooja to start a new life (Jindagee) and the matter was conveyed to CWC.

Then the organization took the information from Pooja and went to that place where her village people were staying and her relatives recognized her and said to come after 15 days as her family members are still at village. After 15 days the organization went to that same place at Sahabad Dairy, Delhi and met with her father, mother, brother and sister too. Pooja is so happy by seeing her family members. They are also so happy. Pooja is already got married and started a new family life. She teaches community people what she learnt at Muneer’s Children Home. She teaches and says ‘Eat less food but keep more knowledge’ at the same time she is so thankful to Muneer for continuous help in standing in the society alone.’


7. ‘I am Mrs. Anita. I am staying at Sector 16, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. My husband’s name is Sunil. He works as stone cutter. I have two children and have been studying at Primary school in standard 2nd and 4th. When I saw their result in the final exam, I thought it was my result. I was too ashamed of my weakness and illiteracy. I contacted with Muneer staff and showed my willingness to study at adult literacy centre. They taught me reading, writing and speaking. They also encouraged me sit down while my children are studying the book. I obeyed the instruction and I did their home work in a different copy by thinking as my own. I showed that home work to Muneer adult teacher. Even I solved the questions of my children that came in their exam paper; I answered those within that limited time. This helped me lot. When their result out, I was so happy then my children. I guided and taught my children and I am happy that my children got 1st position in their respective classes in second and third standard. I am so thankful to Muneer staff for teaching me and enabling me to stand in the society in my own leg. Now, I can read books, write in my hand and have confidence to speak in women meeting or community meeting.’

8. Soni Kumari Age:21
D/o- Jagdish Ram
Birnama, Samastipur, Bihar
‘My name is Soni Kumari. I am from state of Bihar. Everyday my father goes to market and polish shoes of people to earn money for my family. Due to the weak financial condition, I had to drop my school education while I was a very small child. One day I came to know about a meeting going near to my house. I was given opportunity to participate in that meeting. In that meeting, community workers from the Muneer’s society were talking and discussing adult literacy. They said literacy centre has been started in our village. I saw, few women were enrolling their names for learning. I also enrolled my name. After doing all my house works, I started going to literacy centre for learning. I thank Muneer that now I could complete my 10th class and earning money through tuition and using it for my higher education. I am so thankful to Muneer and its community workers for helping me to stand in community with confidence. My parents are also so happy with my success.’

9. Anima Singh
W/o: Ashish Kumar Singh
Betul, Madhya Pradesh

‘Before I got married, my parents were poor and not well to do and did not pay much attention to my studies so I did not receive proper schooling as I had to help in the house hold chores. My father worked as a daily laborer. The money he earned was not sufficient to support the family.

My father got me married when I attained the age of 22. My husband had studied up to the XI standard but had to leave his studies to help his father in the farm. Everything was going on quite well and after a year I gave birth to our son. When my son was six years of age we started sending him to the local primary school. I was unable to teach my son and it was then that I realized the importance of education. I was however lucky when I heard from a neighbor that an organization had started work in our village and they were running an adult literacy class. I convinced my husband to let me attend the classes and he agreed. I began attending the classes regularly and completed the course. I am now able to read and write Hindi which helps me teach my son. I am grateful to Muneer for working in our community to educate adults like me.’


10. ‘I am Ajit Banerjee from Birbhum, West Bengal. Now,I am twelve years old. Due to my poor financial condition, I couldn’t get opportunity to go school and till now I haven’t go to school. I works in a tea stall every day to earn some money for my family. I get Rs. 1500/- each month as my income for work. I give that money to my mother for maintenance of family. But I had a desire to study alphabet, writing and reading. One of my friends encouraged me to join Muneer’s NFE centre. With great interest, I joined at centre and learn two hours every day. My NFE teacher encourages me always with my friends. My parents are so happy by seeing my interest in study. My favorite subject is English and I try to read English news paper to develop myself. At present I am trying to speak in English also. I have a small sister, she is 5 years old. Surely, I will send her to study at school. I am so thankful to Muneer for running NFE centre at my village.’