Governing Board

The Muneer Social Welfare Society is having its management system run completely by Governing Board of the society. It meets once quarterly. According to the Society’s by-laws., the Governing Board meeting is conducted four times in a year & if needed immediate meeting being organized. The Governing Board oversees daily operations and management of the organization, as well as decision making regarding policy, project development and innovation. In the last financial year 2018-19, there were 4 Executive Board meetings and one Annual General Meeting: which were held in Delhi and West Bengal respectively. Each member contributed their time & energy for planning and better implementation of the projects in the fields.

Mr. Joy Julius Raj

Mr. Joy Julius Raj


He serves as Chairman of the Muneer Governing Board since many years. He is professionally trained up in Civil Engineering in Delhi and has been running his business successfully. He takes the chair at general and Board meetings of the society. His profound knowledge on secular field, new ideas on community development, constant leadership and dedication has been a great inspiration, motivation and is highly appreciated by fellow Board members.

Rev. Dr. Asad Masih

Rev. Dr. Asad Masih

Chief Executive Secretary

He is the founder and the Chief Executive Secretary of The Muneer. He plays an important role in overall project management, acts as a direct liaison between donors and Muneer. He has done his Master Degree in Socially from Aligarh University and hold Ph. D. from Academy of Universal Global Pease, Bangalore, His strong leadership and tireless efforts have brought the society to come up to this level with good rapport and reputation nationally &  internationally.

Rev. Sanjay Kumar Nath

Rev. Sanjay Kumar Nath

Senior Pastor

He is a learnt person, has completed his Master in Arts degree in English and is a Bachelor of Theology. He is serves as Director of Three of Life International Private Ltd., Kolkata. He is a senior pastor at Assembly of God church, Dumdum. He uses his multi talents for the development of the Society since last 5 years.

Rev. B. L. Choudhury

Senior Priest

He is the treasurer of MSWS. He is a B.Com graduate and has completed his Bachelor of Theology degree from Buntain Theological College, Kolkata. He is senior priest in Assembly of God Church, Kolkata, West Bengal. He looks after all finances and donations received from national and international donors and he guides time to time for proper maintenance of the account.

Rev. Dipti Ghosh

Women and Children Empowerment Division

She is one of the Board members of Muneer. She is a Master in Divinity from Kolkata. She is an experience holder to work among women and children under the umbrella of C.N.I., Kolkata. She is a good counselor for teen agers. Muneer is proud of getting her as one of the Board members for development of society.

Rev. Nabod Ku. Bardhan

Women (SHG) and Child Division

He is a Arts Graduate and has completed his Bachelor of Theolology degree too. B.A, B.Th. (Bachelor in Theology). He has been running a school and an orphanage in Gajapati, Odisha. He has lot of experience in working for women (SHG) and child development in needy areas.

Rev.Abdul Majeed

Child Development & Community Empowerment

He is a B.A. graduate and has completed Diploma course in Theology in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He is an experienced social worker and professionally a photographer. He uses his talent & skills for child development and community empowerment program.

Rev. Shameshuddin Ahamad

Rural Development

He is an Art graduate and is trained up in Bachelor of Theology. He is a priest and a social worker is focusing for community development among disadvantaged and needy people at rural areas of Assam. He has been serving as Muneer Board members since many years.

Rev. Amrit Kaur

Career Counselor

She is a B.A. graduate and has completed Bachelor of Theology course from Bangalore. She is working among children and women especially widows at Kapashera, Delhi. She is a priest and looking after a group of community people. She also a career counselor for youths in the locality.

General Body

The Muneer Social Welfare Society has a General Body comprising of registered members of the society. The General Body (GB) meeting of MSWS is being organized once in a year, in which the Governing Board members also participate. The General Body elects its member of the Governing Board. The last General Body meeting was conducted on 15th April, 2018 at Seva Kendra Calcutta, in which 45 members had participated. The decision taken by the GB is written and recorded in the GB registered by an appointed Minutes Secretary.