1. ‘I am Ms. Kunj Mali . I am staying at Sec. -8, Block- G, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. I got married on 21st May 2014. The Muneer had family planning meeting for us in which they taught about how problems arise in giving early child birth. Even they also taught us on giving birth to more children and how girl and boy is born. It was great counseling for our family life. We both learnt a lot for which we are so thankful to the Muneer staffs for counseling us in right time. I gave birth to a baby girl on 6th July 2016 and adopted copper-T for family planning.’

2. Mrs. Nutan Devi Age:28
W/o-Mr. Pawan Ram, Vill.-Bedaulia,
Dist.- Samastipur, Bihar
‘I am Nutan Devi. My husband works as daily wage laborer in Delhi. I have a son and a daughter. We have a joint family where my father –in-law, mother-in-law also live together. Since we are more members in the family and my father-in-law and mother-in-law are sick, my financial condition is not at all good. My husband wanted to increase number of children in our family. I had to work alone in my family and my husband quarreled with me each day. I was too worried mentally and also physically.

In my village, The Muneer had organized a family planning meeting. I went and participated in it. They asked me any problem that I am facing. I shared all my problems with Muneer Social workers. They assured me to visit my house and will talk with my husband. The time came and Muneer sir and madams counseled my husband that ‘you are working as daily laborer and you financial condition is not good, you have to spent money for study of your two children and your father and mother are sick and treatment has been going on Govt. hospital.’ My husband accepted and agreed with the family counseling. I am happy that my father-in-law and mother-in-law keeping well in the family. Further, I have adopted permanent family planning method. I am so thankful to The Muneer society & staffs for making an atmosphere of peace and happiness in my family.’


3. Shakuntala
Noida, Noida,Sec. -6
Delhi NCR
‘Since many days she was suffering with cough and cold. She joined in Muneer health meeting on 4th Sept. 2015. In that meeting she came to know that cough with phlegm for three months may be a symptom of T.B. When the health meeting was ended, she asked our worker about where to go for T.B. test & treatment. Then, Mueer social worker heard her condition very carefully and informed about the Govt. Gautam Budh Hospital at Sec.-39, Noida and also the time of consultation. Then, she I went to the hospital and met with the concern doctor. The doctor confirmed her that she is having T.B. and needs to come under treatment. He prescribed medicines for her. She started taking T.B. medicines.

One day Muneer social worker visited her house and asked about her health condition and about the medicines she has been taking. She shared that, DOTs centre’ staffs use to take money for providing her TB medicines. She also said that her economical status is decreasing she is financially very poor. Our worker was surprised informed her that Govt. will provide you Rs. 300/- after completion of course. Our social worker Mrs. Rekha also assured her to go with her to DOTs centre next day. The Muneer social worker went with her to DOTs centre and talked with the concern person who provides medicines and warned him to make a complaint against him at hospital. By hearing he was fearful. Our social worker shared this matter with S.D.C. and they suggested that to make a pamphlet and put it around the DOTS’s centre so that those who come to the centre would know that T.B. medicines are provided by Govt. freely to the T.B. patients. It was possible through our S.D.C. worker the patients get free T.B. medicines free of cost from that DOTs centre.