1. Mamta Sinha
Chandi Colony, Rasulpur
Purba Medinipur,
West Bengal
‘I am Mamata Sinha, 40 years old, at Chandi colony, Contai, Purba Medinipur. My husband Mr. Bidubhusan Sinha is a shop keeper. We have two sons. My eldest son is doing B.A. first year and second one is th studying in 10 class. My husband’s income is not sufficient for our family. We couldn’t provide good food to our children. Then, I realized to earn some money for my family. Through one of my relatives, I heard that The Muneer Social Welfare Society has opened a Beauty Parlour training centre at my village near to my house. I went to the centre and enrolled my name. I took six months Beauty Parlour Diploma course at the centre. After completion of the course, I decided to start a small Beauty Parlour in my home. My husband and children were agreed me in my decision. I took a loan from our SHG and started my small home Parlour. Now, I earn Rs.1500/- to Rs. 2000/- each month from my Beauty Parlour and support my family for which we all are so happy. During the festival in our time, I earn more money. I appreciate the work of Muneer and give my gratitudes for empowering me through Beauty Parlour Training course for my financial development and happy life in the society.’

2. Gulshan Khatun
Alvi Nagar, Loni,
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
‘I am Gulshan. I have 1 brother and 5 sisters. My mother is a housewife and father sells flowers. Because of the number of people in my family and my father’s job, we were never in good condition. My father barely made money for 2 meals a day. Because of this, I had to leave school after 5 standard. After that I used to help my mother at home. Sometime later in 2007, Muneer started a project for dropouts girls like me to give them sponsorship at their Grace Academy school and to teach them till class 12 for free. I joined in 2007 and passed class 12 in 2015. During that time, I also enrolled for Muneer’s Vocational parlour training. I was trained for 4 years course while I was at school. I completed the parlour course at the same time as I completed school. I also received a Beauty Parlour Certificate. After I completed my schooling, I was interested in the field of Beauty Parlour and to gain more experience, I began working in different parlours. After I gained enough experience, I started my own beauty Parlour and earning money for my family. Now, I am happy and say we are stable now. Thanks to Muneer for giving me a great opportunity to develop my skill to establish in the society.’

3. Renu           Age: 25
Sector-9 , Noida
Uttar Pradesh
‘My name is Renu. I have two children. First one is my daughter who is 2 years old and second one is my son who is 3 years old. My husband has a cycle repairing shop for maintenance of family. I have studied up to standard VIII but I discontinued my study after unsuccessful and I got married.’ I am trained up in Beauty Parlor course from Muneer. Now, I have been running a Beauty parlour shop of my own. Further, there are two more girls from the training centre have been working with me at my parlor shop so that they may also earn money for their family. I am so thankful to Muneer which has given me very good training on beauty parlor for financial development and self dependable. Now, my economic situation is fairly good.’


4. ‘My name is Sonu. I am a student of class XII. We are three brothers and a sister. Financial condition of my family is not good. My parents are jobless because the company has gone very far from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. My father’s job is gone so my mother works from home (piece making). We also help our mother in her work and that helps to run our family. I want to thank Muneer that they observed my interest in typing. They organized a competition in typing and I came first in that so I got full concession in the fee. I would like to thank Madam who introduced to me data entry job where I am able to earn Rs 4000- 5000/- per month which helps me to pay my brother’s study expenses. I want to learn more computer programs. I will complete my one year syllabus before going further. The fee is very low. No one in whole of Noida, Uttar Pradesh will teach in such a less fee.’

5. Sahenara Khatun(ID. No.–EI-158-0228) is our CDC child from Kalinid, Purba, Medinipur,West Bengal. She belongs to a poor Muslim family.She lives with her father and elder brother. Her father is a social worker. The child was lacking in health & hygiene before coming in the CDC and not good in the study because of poverty. She had no well set in her life. Her old aged father struggled a lot to provide food for his family, no proper education and treatment also. Compassion set up Muneer CDC in 2005 in association with church in this area. One day Sahenara got opportunity to admit in our project. Then God’s mercy and grace fall upon her family. Her family overcame that situation. Sahenara is getting so many benefits, like tuition, clothes & hygiene and better treatment from our CDC. She has improved upon her academic performance. She completed Graduation in English Honours. Now she is doing M.A. She wants to be a Teacher. In future she wants to serve among poor people. For that she is studying with dedication. She always participates in all kinds of good social activities joyfully.

6. Ranjit Acharya(ID. No. –EI-158-0101) is our MCDC project child in Kalindi, East Medinipur, West Bengal. He belongs to a poor Hindu family. He lives with his parents and elder brother. His father is daily labour and mother is a homemaker. The child had lack of health & hygiene before coming in the project and not good in the study because of the poverty. He had nothing good in his life. His old aged father struggled lot to provide food for his family. One day Ranjit got opportunities to admit in the Muneer Child Development Centre. Slowly his family overcame their poor situation. Ranjit is getting many benefits from like tuition, cloth & hygiene and better treatment from our project. In the project he completed a course on mobile repairing vocational course. He passed the Higher Secondary Examination in 2016 with 66% marks in Commerce subject. Now he is working in a mobile repairing shop and earning Rs. 4000/- along with pursuing his bachelor’s degree. He helps his family economically. Now his family condition is changing. In future he wants serve in mobile engineering. He wants to open his own shop in future.


7. Soma Pradhan
Gopalpur, East Medinipur
West Bengal
‘I am Soma Pradhan and I am 31 years old. I have two sons. I hail from a poor and deprived family from Gopalpur village, East Medinipur. But I was not willing to give up in life and looked upon as a loser. My husband Mr. Kamal Kanti Pradhan is a rickshaw puller and with his meager income it’s difficult to run the family and to educate our children. When I heard that a Non-Government Organization, The Muneer Social Welfare Society has been running a Tailoring Center and helping poor woman to become self dependent, I enrolled my name for One Year Tailoring Course. Initially it was difficult for me to learn the use of tailoring machine, cutting etc. but gradually with help of my teacher, I learned stitching blouse, frock etc. I completed one year Diploma Course in tailoring and learnt to depend upon myself. I joined with Muneer SHG and took a small loan to purchase a sewing machine and started my tailoring shop in my house. I am earning good money approx. Rs. 2000-3000/- p.m. and support my family. I also share my experience with girls in my village to do something for their family. I know in the future, as I become more experienced I will be able to earn more substantial income. I am so thankful to Muneer for opening a Tailoring Training center in my area for girls to become self reliant in the society.’

8. ‘I am Ms. Lina Das aged 23 years of age. I am the younger of two brothers. I hail from a poor and deprived family from Baliagobindapur, East Medinipur, West Bengal. But I was not willing to give up in life and be looked upon as a loser. My father Swapan Kumar Das is a rickshaw puller and with his meager income it is difficult to run the family and at the same time educate us. When I heard that a Non-Government Organization, The Muneer Social Welfare Society is running a Tailoring Center and helping poor young girls to become self-dependent, I enrolled for the one year course. At the center, I learned sewing blouse, Frock etc. I completed the One Year Diploma Course in Dec. 2017. Muneer also provided me a sewing machine and business setup training so that I could set up my own business. Now, I am earning approx Rs.1800-2500/- per month and am supporting my college education and also saving for the future. I know in the future as I become more experienced, I will be able to earn more substantial income. With the money that I earn, I want to complete my college and also help my family run smoothly. I am happy and so thankful to Muneer for opening up a Tailoring center in my village where many young girls like me can come, learn and be self-employed to stand firm economically in society.’

9. ‘I am Mousumi Pahadi wife of Ashoke Pahadi, R/o-Bargharia Metho, North 24 Paraganas, West Bengal. My husband works as a construction laborer. We have a daughter who is 8 years of age and studying in standard II. I am a home maker and always wanted to do something to contribute to the family income but was not getting any opportunity which made me depressed. One day a friend who lived near me told me that she was going to attend a community meeting and if I wanted to go with her. Since I had nothing to do I went with her to attend the meeting. I was surprised to see many ladies from my villages there and in that meeting the CDW encouraged us to attend the tailoring classes which would help us learn sewing after which we could earn. I was o excited that I enrolled and from the next day I began attending. I have now completed the course and with help from my SHG I purchased a sewing machine and am working from home and earn around Rs. 1000 per month. I thank Muneer for doing welfare work in our village and for giving me the opportunity to do something for my family.’

10. ‘I am Kajal Kushaha, living with my family at Samastipur Bihar, We are five brothers and sisters. My father works as daily laborer and his income is insufficient to maintain the family. With lots of struggle I could finish my 10th standards exam. When I look at my parent’s hard work, tiredness, heavy burden for family and even family pressure, I can’t tolerate and it breaks my heart. Due to the pressure in my mind, I took decision to discontinue my study and decided to do some work to earn some money for my family. So, took decision to pursue tailoring through which my family income would increase. Fortunately, I came to know through my friends, that there’s a Muneer tailoring centre has been running in my own village. I went over there and took admission. After eight months, I was trained up and well equipped in tailoring stitching. When I finished my course, Muneer provided me a certificate named ‘Diploma in Tailoring’ that encouraged me a lot and increased my confidence. I thank Muneer for providing me a tailoring machine through which I am earning Rs. 2000 to 2200 per month and now I can help my family financially for which my parents are so happy. I can also help my sister economically for their study and needs. Finally, with smiling I can say ‘our family is blessed’ and Muneer is working with burden for financial development of poor people in rural areas.’