Muneer has been running Dishari 3 project targeting two districts namely 24 Pgs. North, covering 7 villages and Medinipur (West), covering 5 villages. Muneer is working with the partnership of TEAR Australia, commenced this three-year project in April 2015. This project is designedto prevent and minimize damage by flood. Under DRR and VDMTF Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency Relief & Advocacy Program, West Bengal. Through Disaster Risk Reduction and Advocacy program, Muneer saved the life of flood affected people, infrastructures and livestock. It has helped them for their livelihood. Muneer has fought for the poor people and advocated between Govt. department and community for cause of their social development and made them self sufficient and reliant. In this regards VDC plays an important role in motivating the community people and inspired them to work for their community’s welfare. Also our community workers help people especially the youthwith jobs sp that they could establish themselves and stand firm economically.