Since 2005 MUNEER has been running two development centers at Kalindi, Purba Medinipur, in West Bengal. Namely, Muneer Child Development Centre (MCDC) and Muneer Child Survival Program (MCSP). These have been successful programs for the community benefitting 200 children, 50 mothers & 50 babies. Muneer provides them with regular health check-up & medicine, food, extra coaching and study materials. Muneer also creates awareness among the beneficiaries regarding all the government facilities, health issues, child protection,child marriage and many other things. Further the children are also taught games & sports, music and many extra curriculumsto enhance holistic growth. MCDC has 200 children between the age of 3.5 to 20 years who are in Pre- Nursery to College. Many children have completed a vocational course from our project & earn money and help their family financially. The mothers learn beautician course and tailoring through the VET Programs. They also earn some money and support their family. Some children participated in district level sports meet and secured prizes. Many children participated in cluster level sports and cultural program from MCDC and they won prizes in various sports discipline and cultural competition at the Medinipur District Cluster Meet. Children of all age groups wrote and gave their inputs on our cluster magazine. All of our MCDC children, mothers & babies get attractive Christmas Gifts every year.