Muneer has been running Ujjiyala 2 project at Ujiyarpur block, Samastipur, Bihar. The Samastipur district administrative office is 110 km away from the capital city Patna, in which 12 villages are covered under this project. The project has been started for community empowerment. It has created economic opportunities in the targeted villages through Adult literacy, Vocational training like Beauty Parlor, Tailoring, Health Awareness program and Self Help Group. Further, illiterate old men and women are now reading books, newspaper after joining at Muneer Adult Literacy centre. Through non-formal education, the children who never went to school or discontinued their study are going to school today. The project emphasizes in giving respect to the women in the village by making them members of VDC and VDMTFs. The project further aims to improve their skills, maximize the use of their available resources, create awareness and positively change attitudes of the community in Disaster Risk Management and Community Empowerment. Empowerment of community is the key to community-centered disaster risk management and its sustainability. The people of the community are aware about the different kinds of diseases and information regarding HIV/AIDs is given and are taught about the prevention of these diseases. It has brought a very good impact upon the community as they praised and appreciated our effective work.