‘My Name is Bimala. I am from Bankura, West Bengal. I am a widow and locked down in my house during this lockdown in this pandemic. I had no food for eating because I work as maid servant at neighbor’s house not only in my village but in other villagers. But during this lockdown for COVID-19, I lost my job and starved for many days. During this time, I heard that The Muneer Social Welfare Society has been distributing dry food to poor villagers, I consulted with them. They considered me and provided me Food materials like Rice, Flour, Oil, Soyabean, Soap, Sanitizer, mask(4 towels), Onions, Potatoes, for which I am so thankful to them. I am so happy now and prepare food and eat happily. I give many thanks to M.S.W.S. for helping me in time of need.

‘I am Jugal Bhuiyna so of Biswanath. Bhuiyna from village Amrapat, Post Mangrul, Dist Paschim Medinipur, P.s.-Chandrakona, I am very poor and Handicap person, I am unable to walk without two wheel cycle. I have two sons. I can’t work like other laborer. I am very much thankful to “The Muneer Social Welfare Society”, that during the Lock down, while COVID-19 suffering whole World, that time I got family essential items like Rice, Pulses, Mustard Oil, Hand sanitizer, Hand Shop, Muri (Paw rice) Green banana, Potatoes, onions etc. Our family members are so much happy to get these essential items. Thank you very much.’

‘I am Moullana Eazamul Hoque, live in Ilambazar, Birbhum, West Bengal. I completed Masters in Arabic and then was a teacher in Mosque. My vision was to build good Muslim Community leader. This is way I taught young Muslims so that they could become future leaders. But due to Corona Virus everything stopped as the Government announced a lockdown. Because of this everyone stopped coming to the mosque and I could not reach children anymore. I was also not paid and was left to starve with my family of 2 children, wife and parents. As I was not getting salary it became very difficult for me and my family to eat two meals a day. I was much tensed and should go to Brother Abdul Salam. After I went to talk to him, he told me about Jesus Christ and also gave me call of hope literature. Brother Abdul Salam also helped me with 15 days relief Ration Food Package like Rice, Flour, Pulses, Soyabean, Oil, Soap, Sanitizer, Towel, Potatoes, Onion etc. so that I and my family could eat proper meals. This touched me heart as my own Muslim brothers did not help me but a Christian did. This is way I wants to know more about Jesus and His Eternal for all of us. I call and talk with Brother Abdul Salam few times a week to know more about Jesus and clarify my doubts. Please pray for me that I could come to know more about Jesus Christ as my personal savior that I witness to other Muslims so that came to know Jesus Christ. Thank you so much.’

‘I am Abdul Malek Ahmed. I am born and brought up in West Patel Nagar, Central Delhi. I heartily pay gratitude to Muneer Social Welfare Society for distributing good Packet that include Rice, Flour, Pulses, Mustard oil and sanitary items like soap, face mask etc. on 6th to 9th April 2020 at my village. I am so happy that they could provide me liquid food from my family from 6th-9th April 2020 that was a great help for me and my family. I am an employee in a small hotel and with spreading of COVID-19, our hotel was closed down and I became unemployed. In that pathetic situation, I came to know about Muneer Social Welfare Society’s humanitarian work that it has been helping the poor and needy people in distribution camp where I rushed to get some food. Their volunteer and social workers supplied me with necessary food items like Rice, Flour, Oil, Soyabean, Soap, Sanitizer, mask, Onions, Potato that brought me hope and light in my inner being. Again, I am so thankful to Muneer society for standing beside me and my family in such a critical situation.’

‘I am Fatema Begum. I am staying with my husband and he is Rickshaw Puller. Due to COVID-19 our financial condition became really weak and we had no food to eat. So, during this time we both were going through poverty. In that terrible time, we heard from my neighbors that a NGO named Muneer has come to our village and started a emergency relief camp in which our villagers are getting food freely. So, I went over there and enrolled my name and received cooked food from 6th-9th April and also received food packet having Rice, Flour, Pulses, Oil also sanitary items like soap, face mask etc. I am so thankful to The Muneer Social Welfare Society for standing with us and provide us subsequent mean to survive in the society. Thank you so much for your great help for us.’

‘I am Sazid Khan from Bhopal. I have three children. I am an auto driver. Due to spread of COVID-19 pandemic, lock down was declared and it was sudden news for me. My work was stopped and I had no income at all. I had no money to maintain my family. Many days we had no food to eat. I couldn’t get any help from local people.. But I thank you that Muneer stood behind me and provided ration for my family. I received Flour, Rice, Pulses, Oil, Soyabean, face mask, soap etc. Now, I am so happy by getting such a humanitarian gift in the time of my financial trouble. I thank to all the sponsors of The Muneer Social Welfare Society for providing essentials thinks in the time of need. My family members and I appreciable your good work.’